21st, 22nd, and 23rd September – 3 days full of inspiration, new ideas, innovative concepts and discussions, as well as the announcement of the winners of this year’s edition of The Best Chef Awards.

This year, it is a one-of-a-kind, online conference. The Best Chef # VIRTUAL2020 will be a unique event: we will be far from each other – everyone at home, at work, in their countries or cities – yet so close, because with our online connection, we will be able to meet for three days, and each of them will offer something different and inspiring.

“The Show Must Go On” – the current situation will not stop us, because together we want to support the world of delicious fine dining.

September 21st – Food Meets Science – an interdisciplinary conference connecting the worlds of science and gastronomy. This year, the main topics will be sustainability and the latest technologies that can be used in the kitchen. There will be cooking shows and inspirational presentations. We will connect with chefs and scientists from around the world. Discover Food Meets Science with all your senses!

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September 22nd – Area Talks – four discussion panels that will be attended by hospitality professionals from around the globe: chefs, foodies, journalists, marketers. We will talk with them about current topics: how the world of fine dining is dealing with the current, difficult situation, and what new business ideas have appeared in gastronomy recently. We will also debate whether chefs can really save the world and talk about different “faces” of gastronomy. Be prepared for “politically not correct discussions”!

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September 23rd – The Best Chef Awards – the most exciting fine-dining event of 2020:  awards ceremony for the best chefs from around the world. This time it will not last one or two hours, but get ready for The Best Chef Awards marathon – a whole day spent with us and the winners of The Best Chef Awards. Step by step during this day we will find out more about award-winning chefs. This edition of The Best Chef Awards # VIRTUAL2020 will be different, but you can be sure that it will be no less enjoyable than the previous ones.

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Let’s all meet together at The Best Chef Awards # VIRTUAL2020!

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