Ebbe Vollmer

Ebbe Vollmer – began his career with the goal of apprenticing to the best chefs in the best restaurants. Ebbe’s professional life began at Grandma’s hostelry but soon took a more international turn, in which a number of famous restaurants and celebrity chefs were to play a vital role. A sojourns at Marco Pierre White’s Harvey’s and Gordon Ramsey’s three Michelin starred Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road, both in London.

These chefs and their kitchens left a powerful impression on him.

It is undoubtedly Gordon Ramsey who has influenced him the most, both the leadership and culinary level. Ebbe has also learned the trade alongside Gordon back in the 1990s when the Sweden at the age of 16 left for London to work at Harvey’s Wandsworth Commons – an iconic restaurant then part of London’s emerging scene.

He converged once more with his brother in Malmö in the summer of 2011, turning their dream of a jointly owned restaurant into a reality. Taking the experiences, feelings and flavours of Grandma’s hostelry as their role model, but with a modern touch and slightly more refined cooking methods. He is a passionate leader and facilitator always try his best to encourage cross over among the different culinary cultures from west to east and from east to west by forming different types of chef dinners & exchange around the globe.


Restaurant Vollmer

Tegelgårdsgatan 5

211 33 Malmö, Sweden






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