Terry Giacomello

Terry Giacomello – An Innovative avant-garde cuisine, where creativity and flavors are mixed together perfectly, Chef Terry Giacomello offer in his dishes a trip through texture and tastes from all over the globe, trying to excite curiosity and stimolate the palates of the guest.

His passion for the kitchen was born when he was more or less 13 years old, when he started to help his mother Wanda in her simple but good Trattoria, there he learned the secrets of a delicious handmade pasta or a polenta made with corn just milled, but he learned also how to work the bush meat.

Than he moved to the kitchen school in Longarone where he finish his study and after, in to the real temples of the gastronomy, a couple of year in France with Marc Veyrat and Michel Bras, four years in Spain at El Bulli with Ferran Adria, in Brasill with Alex Atala and in the end at Mugaritz with Andoni Luis Arduiz.

In Italy, he worked with Sergio Mei in Milan. From the great Masters he learned discipline, humility, proficiency but also the art of work the raw material, respecting them, looking for a maniacal perfection.

Inkiostro Restaurant

Via San Leonardo 124

43122 Parma, Italy




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