Mikael Svensson

Mikael Svensson – “The end result is never better than the quality of the product you start with”

Kontrast is a modern Scandinavian restaurant that focus on using ingredients that are both local and at the peak of their season.  I was born and raised in Skåne, on the countryside among farmers and open landscapes.

Ever since I started culinary school and the long road to become a chef I have been dreaming of opening my own restaurant. Kontrast is that dream. My culinary career began at the chef school in Kristianstad, and then continued in various positions and apprenticeships in Skåne. This is where I discovered my love for high-quality local products.

My career continued in Oslo, at Le Canard in the early 2000’s. Then I worked in Europe in several restaurants. I worked at the Spanish restaurants Quique Dacosta and Martin Berasategu among others before I returned to Oslo.

Back in Oslo, I was part of both opening new restaurants and working in old establishments. Then, the time was right to open my own dream restaurant.

Kontrast Restaurant

Maridalsveien 15

0175 Oslo, Norway





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