Nicola Fanetti

Nicola Fanetti – An Italian in Copenhagen

Nicola Fanetti is co-founder of Brace and is also the kitchen chef of the restaurant. Despite his young age, Nicola Fanetti is already a well-established name in Copenhagen food circuits.

Grew up in northern Italy, where he already established a great passion for his home country’s culture traditions during childhood. Initially, he appealed to the noble art of gastronomy on his own, but when he eventually made a final decision to become a cook, he chose to finish his skills at the renowned Italian school ALMA – an institution with proud traditions and a worldwide reputation to train some of the world’s absolute best chefs.

After graduating, Nicola Fanetti has been found in the kitchens in some of Italy’s and Denmark’s most renowned restaurants, where he has gained profound knowledge of Italian cooking – an experience he actively uses in your daily work at Restaurant Brace, where he merged Italy’s cooking techniques with Nordic food.

Despite his great love for his native country’s food traditions, Nicola Fanetti has always had a weakness for the undiscovered, and he is also a curious soul who constantly strives to search for new boundaries. Artistic freedom and an innovative approach to cooking are integral parts of Nicola Fanetti’s gastronomic identity.

BRACE Restaurant

Teglgårdsstræde 8A

1452 Copenhagen, Denmark

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