Hisato Hamada

Hisato Hamada – self-taught chef-turned-wagyu experts and entrepreneur Takafumi Horie. Originally in the beef export business, the brand was created following a series of private dinner pop-ups around the theme of wagyu. The duo later launched their first members-only restaurant, The WAGYUMAFIA Progressive Kaiseki, in Tokyo in 2016.

With a mission to educate consumers, restaurateurs and suppliers on authentic Japanese wagyu beef, the WAGYUMAFIA brand is a platform that showcases the dedicated work of Japan’s wagyu farmers which is deeply rooted in history and tradition. Driven by a collaborative spirit, WAGYUMAFIA has embarked on a 50-city world tour, bringing knowledge and expertise into a series of exciting and high-profile chef collaborations, including Spain’s 3-Michelin star Azurmendi, London’s Soho House, Fortnum & Mason and Spago in Los Angeles.


3-13-6 4F Akasaka Kokusai Amano Bldg,

Tokyo 107-0052,







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