Igor Grishechkin

Igor Grishechkin – for many, Russian food remains an enigma, enclosed between stereotypes of the Soviet regime and pre-revolutionary romanticised notions of Russians only eating blinis with caviar. The reality is contemporary chefs such as CoCoCouture’s Igor Grishechkin are combining staple products and flavours of their childhood with a modern, more technical and creative lens, and in time potentially creating new Russian cuisine as forward (and historic) as New Nordic.

That being said; if you know Russian culture, literature, poetry and history then you quite easily can understand Igor Grishechkin’s universe. But even if not, you cannot but help being amused by his cooking’s playfulness, almost as telling fairytales to a child.

“Memory informs a great many of my dishes”, Igor explains. “I set out to bring restaurant recognition to seemingly humble traditional tastes and nostalgic Russian dishes from my childhood that have been forgotten. I re-evaluate them to create a new extraordinary cuisine. My cooking is about authentic Russian tastes, only everything is modernised with a new identity and, most importantly, a new optimism and joy.”

Cococo St Petersburg

Voznesensky Ave, 1,

Sankt-Peterburg 190000,






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