Dieuveil Malonga

Dieuveil Malonga – my ambition is to write a new story of gastronomy which has its roots in Africa. 

“My name is Dieuveil but you can call me Malonga. I am a young gourmet chef and my specialty is Afro-Fusion cuisine. A subtle blend of tradition and modernity. A culinary bridge between African flavours and Western cuisine. My roots and my values are grounded in my name, Malonga, a legacy from my parents that I will keep forever. My young story is a journey struck by fate. An unlikely route made of encounters, sacrifice, brewing, exchange, and sharing opportunities. Everyday I aim at transcending African cuisine. At 13 my fortune took me to Germany where I was warmly welcomed. There began a new life and also a very different one. Cooking and Music soon became my tools of choice to express myself.

From the underground aromatic leaves braising to the molecular techniques. One gamely modern, contemporary and traditional at the same time.

My commitment is to share the endless wonders of this garden called Africa. To reveal its many flavours, merge them and to compose an harmony of the terroirs is my aim. My inspiration has been enriched by my travels, my sensibility for art, my love for people, their culture, their products and history. My goal is to offer a unique and exclusive offer in every detail of its design. To combine the best quality products with technical excellence, all led by a seamless inspiration in order to give you an ever inventive, warm and tasty cuisine. I try tirelessly to enrich the definition of the African way of gastronomy and sophistication.”

Meza Malonga

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