Ivan Ralston

Ivan Ralston – together with his team they aim to create dishes that honor the cosmopolitan nature of São Paulo. They show influences from Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Jewish cultures as well as influences from the north, northeast and south of Brazil.

Tuju is a ‘paulistana’ contemporary cuisine restaurant whose name describes the gastronomic concept on which it is based. Tuju is the name of a bird at home in the Atlantic forest. It has inspired Chef Ivan Ralston with a passion for responsible sourcing, and his seasonal, farmers market and vegetarian tasting menus draw from the in-house organic gardens where he grows more than 200 species of unconventional edible plants. Many of them are used inventively to create delicate flavors to delight the taste buds.

The menu changes often, but dishes such as red snapper with hearts of palm, turmeric and algae, or the wagyu short rib with manioc and Brazil nuts showcase the evolution of Brazilian gastronomy.

Restaurant Tuju

R. Fradique Coutinho, 1248 – Pinheiros,

São Paulo,





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