Maksut Aşkar

Maksut Aşkar – Your taste perception defines your borders.

“We believe that those who do not take care and preserve their traditions can not have a future. To guarantee the future of our economy, We are very pleased to be able to provide you with the opportunity to share your feelings with our customers. This is what we are doing in a very humble manner. We learned to taste from our traditions and through our traditions. If our traditions are disappearing one by one due to today’s conditions, we believe our future will also disappear if we do not do anything. Within this frame, we have to define our traditions to suit today’s conditions and convey them to the future generations in the correct language. Your taste perception defines your borders. You can not go any further. Even if you go further the things that you create become something totally different. It is not your tradition.”


Bereketzade Medresesi Sk. 8A,

34421 Istanbul,


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