Rodrigo Oliveira

Rodrigo Oliveira – born in 1980, son of a Northeast family and cook. From the age of thirteen he started going to his father’ s store to help him and he enjoyed it. He had studied gastronomy and, since 2001 has been the chef of the restaurant that tells the story of his family, Mocotó. He has already been considered one of the 100 most influential Brazilians, chef of the year, and gastronomic personality of the year.

Mocotó is a restaurant of “sertaneja” food that is in Vila Medeiros, north zone of São Paulo. It was founded as a small store, in 1973, by Jose de Almeida and today it is directed by his son, Rodrigo Oliveira. Here happens the meeting of the traditional kitchen with the innovation proposed by Rodrigo Oliveira.

Mocotó Bar e Restaurante

Av. Nossa Sra. do Lorêto,

1088 – Vila Medeiros,

São Paulo 02219-001,


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