Paulo Airaudo

Paulo Airaudo

Paulo Airaudo was born in the City of Córdoba, Argentina, in a family of Italian immigrants. As soon as he turned 18 he started to travel, following a culinary vocation that still had to take shape.

“I left my hometown, my comfort zone and then this passion began. I have worked all over the world, including Mexico and Peru and in many European countries. In Europe I gained experience in legendary restaurants like Arzak in San Sebastián, The Fat Duck in London and Magnolia in Italy. In May 2015 La Bottega opened, a modern Italian trattoria where in October of the same year, the restaurant obtained its first Michelin star. In July 2020 i moved the restaurant facing La Concha bay and after 4 months we got back our first MICHELIN star, on December 2021 we been award with our second MICHELIN Star. After 18 years cooking and searching for culinary excellence around the world I finally found my home”.

“An ambitious project named after my daughter Amélie, which means that this time I am here to stay”

Two years later he returns to the Basque Country and in April 2017 he opens restaurant Amelia in San Sebastian. Amelia serves a frequently changing and very personal 10-course tasting menu. It is combining different flavours, textures and memories gathered through more than a decade of cooking and seeking culinary excellence all over the world. An otherwise restless culinary nomad has found his home. So personal that he has named the restaurant after his, then, 2-year old daughter, Amelia.

The philosophy of the restaurant

“Our work philosophy focuses on using seasonal and sustainable raw materials and the revaluation of forgotten products. We work mainly with small producers who share our values and who visit the markets to provide us with fresh and top-quality products daily. The wine cellar of our sommelier shares the same philosophy: drawing from different countries of the world, making sure its methods of production are organic or biodynamic. We have chosen to serve 90% of our wines by the glass, giving our diners the opportunity to taste the greatest possible variety from our stock”.

Instagram: @paulo_airaudo @restaurantamelia
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Zubieta Kalea, 26, 20007 Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain

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