Debora Fadul - New Candidates 2022
Debora Fadul – New Candidates 2022

Debora Fadul


Debora Fadul is an energetic Guatemalan chef with a contagious smile and great love and respect for Guatemala and its products.

With studies at Camille – School of Haute Cuisine and under the teaching of Jorge Jorge Lamport , she managed to understand the value and importance of the products, the ingredients and the land. But above all, feeling grateful and proud of Guatemala, its diversity of ingredients, climates, regions , culture and much more. One of her main inspirations and mentors in her kitchen was her grandmother, from whom she learned a lot from a very young age and from whom the best practices and techniques that she continues to use in her kitchen today were born.

The land and its ingredients, the kitchen and the people

Debora is one of the most important referents of Guatemalan Gastronomy. Her philosophy within her kitchen is based on three pillars: The land and its ingredients, the kitchen and the people. Moreover, she is one of the most talented, creative and innovative cooks that our country has. She seeks to build a direct connection between her guests and the producers and ingredients, in order to feed them physically, spiritually and intellectually through the stories that unfold in each dish.

Diaca mission

“Guatemala has incredible microclimates and producers that make an incredible synergy to produce unimaginable ingredients. The earth constantly tells us stories through its flavours. Our job is to strive to listen to them and respect them to bring them to your table.
As a challenge to the senses, Diacá is born, a space dedicated to an original and unexpected combination of ingredients, causing in those who eat their dishes a rediscovery of the flavours of the cuisine from within, from here”.

Debora is also the founder of Chef de Mon Ceur, Diacá , EN Restaurante and Crece en Guate ; all projects related to gastronomy. She is also one of the main promoters of the “local consumption” movement that has a positive impact on producers and their families.

Instagram: @debora_fadul @diacag


Restaurant website:

Restaurant address: Via 6 3-56, Cdad. de Guatemala, Guatemala

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