Ed Verne - New Candidates 2022
Ed Verne – New Candidates 2022

Ed Verner


Ed Verner is the Chef/Owner of one of New Zealand’s fine dining restaurants, Pasture. The restaurant is known for pushing the boundaries of dining experiences using local and unique produce.

New Nordic techniques and styles in a Japanese Kaiseki-inspired format

Ed Verne comes from a small town in Dorset, England. Ed has forged a chef-run culinary genre that incorporates New Nordic techniques and styles in a Japanese Kaiseki-inspired format. He draws inspiration from his time living in Japan and working in some of Europe’s top fine dining kitchens — including Relae in Copenhagen, Kadeau in Denmark, and In de Wulf in Belgium.
Today Ed is defined one of the most New Zealand’s innovative chef, a rockstar of culinary innovation.

Unconventional approach to fine dining

Pasture is known for its unconventional approach to fine dining. Just seven chefs overseeing all aspects of service to create a space that is as warm and welcoming. The restaurant is focused around six seats at the pass directly in front of the red hot heart of the open fire where chef Ed Verner cooks with a fan, sparks flying, to prepare his carefully crafted menu with ingredients which are often a year in the making. It’s a theatrical yet intimate experience unlike any other fine dining establishment.

“Opening your own place is a natural progression for a creative and driven chef. But Pasture is more than that to me, it is a means to share a vision and work with my wife. It’s a sum of us and a reflection of the things we care about and our personalities. If you are in a relationship as a chef, your partner has to be supportive of what you do because our hours often exclude us from the routines and weekends that most people have.”

Instagram: @edverner @pasture_akl
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PastureRestaurant/
Restaurant web site: https://pastureakl.com/
Restaurant address: 235 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052, New Zealand

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