Mitsuharu Tsumura - New Candidates 2022
Mitsuharu Tsumura – New Candidates 2022

Mitsuharu Tsumura


Mitsuharu “Micha” Tsumura was born in Lima, but his origins come from Osaka, Japan. Head chef and owner of MAIDO.

He studied Culinary Arts, Food and Beverage Administration at Johnson & Wales University, USA. Upon graduation he travels to Osaka- Japan, to specialize in Japanese cuisine, he worked in restaurants such as ¨Seto Sushi¨, specialized in sushi and ¨Imo to Daikon¨ specialized in Izakaya style cuisine (Japanese tapas). He returned to Peru and worked at Sheraton Hotel as a Sous Chef and assumed the Food and Beverage Management charge until 2008. Was his passion for Peruvian cuisine with Japanese techniques, the great Nikkei cuisine that led him to create Maido (2009).

His version of Peruvian cuisine – and it is important to say that there are many sub-kitchens in the country, such as the regional ones, the criolla, etc – is influenced by his own story of a descendant of Japanese immigrants who was born in Lima in 1981.

Harmonious synthesis between Peru’ and Japan

Nikkei cuisine is an harmonious synthesis between the culinary tradition of Peru and that of Japan. A style that melted into a dish gives harmonies of colors, flavors and aromas with the best of the two countries, so different in appearance. Nikkei cuisine puts the delicacy and fantasy of the Japanese culinary tradition on the table with the strong, vibrant and spicy flavors of Peru. Tsumura was one of the pioneers in bringing to the language of restaurants this Nikkei food that has always been restricted to the houses of Japanese immigrants since it has always been hearty cuisine.

Nikkei is Here to Stay!

At Maido, he recreates recipes with a deep search for local produce from distinct regions of Peru – from the Amazon to the south. Maido’s tasting menus encompass dishes such as fish hotdog, sea urchin rice, cod marinated in miso with nuts, and nigiri from the catch of the day.

“Young chefs will hopefully become more curious about understanding this cuisine and I hope that Peruvian food now has a bigger repertoire to play with…. When I opened Maido one of my dreams was to create something lasting. I think that immortality in a way is about what you leave here, what you leave for the next generations, and I really want to leave something for the next generation of the Nikkei community around the world.”

Instagram: @mitsuharu_maido


Restaurant web site:

Restaurant address: Ca. San Martin No. 399, Miraflores 15074, Peru

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