Felix Lo Basso - New Candidates 2022
Felix Lo Basso – New Candidates 2022

Felix Lo Basso

Felix Lo Basso

Felix Lo Basso was born in Molfetta in 1973 and completed his apprenticeship in major gourmet restaurants in Italy and abroad. Equipped with a refined style, always at play between creativity and research, he makes quality and respect for raw materials his starting point.

Born at the sea and developed in the mountains

His cuisine was born at the sea and developed in the mountains: the trait d’union is the search for quality products, the desire to experiment with formats and colors, to mix flavours.

In his restaurants Felice Lo Basso offers a high level cuisine, sophisticated in the preparation of the dishes but with strong anchors to tradition and italian raw materials. Intuition, imagination, innovation and creativity are the pillars of the food and wine proposal. Despite having traveled extensively and worked several years in South Tyrol, Felice Lo Basso has always kept Puglia strongly present in all the dishes of his professional career.

In 2016 Felix Lo Basso Restaurant opens in Milan, while in 2018 Memorie di Felix Lo Basso Restaurant comes to life in Trani. Both restaurants received the prestigious Michelin star award in a short time. In 2020 Felice Lo Basso redesigns the concept of hospitality and opens the Felix Lo Basso Home & Restaurant in Milan.

A concept as a real house, removing barriers between guest and Chef

Felix Lo Basso Home&Restaurant is a house, you enter through the living room to get to the large kitchen. Chef Lo Basso has redesigned the concept of welcome and hospitality, thus promoting dialogue and a more meaningful experience for the customer.The new concept removes the barriers between the guest and the Chef Lo Basso, encouraging conversation while his art is expressed by preparing and presenting a tasting menu in continuous evolution.

There are just 12 seats at the counter, arranged around the Chef Lo Basso’s area of work that literally transforms his world into a stage.

An invitation for guests to become protagonists of the same scene in which the culinary show by Chef Felice Lo Basso takes place.
Each of his creations is designed to excite the senses by pushing the limits of what we can expect from food.

Instagram: @felixlobasso @felixlobassorestaurant
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/felixlobasso
Restaurant web site: https://www.felixlobassorestaurant.it/
Restaurant address: Via Carlo Goldoni, 36, 20129 Milano MI, Italy

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