Javier & Sergio Torres

Javier & Sergio Torres  - New Candidates 2022
Javier & Sergio Torres – New Candidates 2022

Javier & Sergio Torres

Cocina Hermanos Torres

Javier Torres and Sergio Torres are twin brothers and chefs with two Michelin stars. They started in the cuisine world when they were 14 years old. After having separate careers and working in renowned restaurants all over the world, they met again in 2002 to start new projects together.

Two are better than one.

That could well be the theory behind the initiatives taken by twin brothers Javier and Sergio Torres, two representatives of the Spanish culinary avant-garde. Born in Barcelona in 1970, they decided on their vocation at the same time and trained together at the Arnadi Cookery School (directed by Mey Hofmann) in Barcelona, after which they went their separate ways. For years, they worked at a distance but always keeping in close contact in the certainty that they would eventually join forces. In 2006, the brothers started turning their attention to Brazil. On their visits there, they had been very impressed by the landscapes, the people, and the enormous variety of products.

Sergio Torres is fascinated by innovation and the link between cuisine and science.

Javier Torres, the other half of this duo of gastronomic wizards, made a name for himself in Spain as chef de cuisine at Can Fabes the three-Michelin-star establishment created by Santi Santamaría.

The Hermanos Torres celebrated the grand opening the 2018 summer in Barcelona of one of the most highly anticipated restaurants on the national scene, Cocina. And old tire warehouse converted into a fabulous restaurant. Nothing in this restaurant fits the old paradigms. The 800 m2 space is the sum of several concepts: kitchen and place of training and innovation in gastronomy, communication, sustainability, and health.

“A kitchen where you eat”

The kitchen is the focus of the concept, to the point that the Torres brothers define it as “a kitchen where you eat”. Nine specialized kitchens that occupy the heart of the space and take up 70% of the available square footage.

The dream of two brothers, Sergio and Javier, who began cooking with their grandmother Catalina, is now a reality. The Ship of Dreams is running full steam ahead. This establishment’s cuisine is in line with their previous projects: featuring seasonal products, respecting their flavour and taking the utmost care with aesthetics. A cuisine that runs in the family, with lots of work and innovation behind it.

Instagram: @hermanostorres
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hermanostorres/
Restaurant web site: https://cocinahermanostorres.com/en/
Restaurant address: Carrer del Taquígraf Serra, 20, 08029 Barcelona, Spain

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