Jessica Rosval

Jessica Rosval – New Candidates 2022

Jessica Rosval

Casa Maria Luigia

Jessica Rosval is head chef at Casa Maria Luigia, the luxury guesthouse and restaurant by Massimo Bottura and wife Lara Gilmore, set in the Emilian countryside. Born in Canada, Rosval grew up in Dollard-des-Ormeaux and attended Dawson College and the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec.

Rosval is an exceptional culinary talent that finds free expression under the guidance of Bottura. She strives to create positive social change through her work with Food For Soul, and as the culinary director at a non-profit called the Association for the Integration of Women.

As the organization’s culinary director, Rosval teaches migrant women how to cook professionally, preparing them for a future in the restaurant industry. She starts with the basics of Italian and Modenese cuisine, but without forgetting her origins.

“For me, cooking is a way to communicate an emotion, a memory, a story, a feeling”

“Cooking is an act of love because it is a universal way to communicate with others. It is a way to tell your story, share your memories and define your dreams without words. What is LOVE if it isn’t about connecting, and what better way to connect with others than with food!”

After some experiences in Europe and Canada, she arrived seven years ago at Osteria Francescana and couldn’t imagine a better place for herself.

“Working for Massimo Bottura is a dream for so many people. He is someone who always manages to evolve. When you think we’ve done everything, he comes up with another idea, another concept, another good work”

Sustainability is essential

Something else is also very important to Jessica Rosval. “Sustainability belongs to the future,” she states with conviction. “There are no two ways about it.” And for Jessica restaurants can contribute in more ways than one might think. Avoiding food waste is very important to her, but there’s more to it: good working conditions, equality, gender equality, building strong communities and protecting water and soil, these are the possibilities in gastronomy Rosval points out.

“By being creative, by keeping our minds open and starting the conversation, all of these different goals can really bring an implementation and a lot of changes into our kitchens”.

Instagram: @jessrosval @casamarialuigia
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Stradello Bonaghino, 56, 41126 Modena MO, Italy

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