Friso Van Amerongen

Friso Van Amerongen  - New Candidates 2022
Friso Van Amerongen – New Candidates 2022

Friso van Amerongen


Friso van Amerongen is a Duth chef who brings fires and stars to the Wils restaurant, Amsterdam.

An ode to the primeval power of all kitchens

Restaurant Wils pays tribute to the true core of every kitchen: Fire. The guests can dine at the kitchen- and bar counter or at a classic table setting. The roof terrace is overlooking the Olympic stadium. Refined dishes in an open kitchen with a fire pit, woodstove and bake sourdough bread in woodfire ovens.

A new star on Amsterdam’s bright-burning culinary scene, a casual fine-dining that has the kind of subtle smoky edge only cooking on an open fire can bring.

Charcoal crackles gently while vegetables scorch and steaks are grilled to perfection. The chefs turn large discs to regulate the heat and use different types of wood to achieve the best temperature and taste. In addition to the primal power of the fire, they use and research pure ingredients with authentic taste. In every dish, down to dessert, the unique quality of heat and smoke is applied, and you can taste balance and creativity.

The restaurant owes its name from the architect Jan Wils, who designed the Olympic stadium and surrounding buildings. With his design the Olympic fire returned to the Olympic games in 1928, the year Amsterdam held the games.

Instagram: @friso.van.amerongen @restaurantwils
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Stadionplein 26, 1076 CM Amsterdam, Netherlands

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