Jacob Holmström – Anton Bjuhr

Jacob Holmström - Anton Bjuh  - New Candidates 2022
Jacob Holmström – Anton Bjuh – New Candidates 2022

Jacob Holmström – Anton Bjuhr


The pair, who first met whilst working in a restaurant in Gothenburg, share the belief that a country’s culinary profile should be respected – but that doesn’t mean forgoing innovation. Inspired largely by their time working in Paris, they use only local produce often prepared using techniques cherry-picked from around the world.

Jacob Holmström was practically raised at his father’s restaurant. He spent a year at a restaurant called Linnéa, that’s where he first met Anton, with whom he now runs Gastrologik. After Linnéa, he spent two years working at Bagatelle. Later he moved to Paris working as a chef de partie at Lástrance.

Anton Bjurh has enjoyed the kind of globetrotting career that any aspiring chef would dream of. From Paris to Dubai, the Swede honed his craft in some of the world’s culinary capitals before founding two Michelin Star restaurant Gastrologik in 2011 with long-term friend Jacob Holmström.

”We both cut our teeth in reputable kitchens, both in Sweden and abroad; in restaurants such as L’Astrance and Pierre Gagnaire . Inspired by techniques and perspectives from all over the world, and using produce from just around the corner, Gastrologik has become a world class restaurant”

Swedish flavours capturing the seasons.

“Logical Swedish gastronomy is based on close cooperation between us and passionate farmers, growers, breeders, fishermen and hunters who share the same values as we do in terms of quality; as well as environmentally and ethically.”

“We have chosen to work with exclusively Swedish produce. Close proximity contributes to fine cooperation with producers, and that, in turn, triggers our creativity. The local climate and the dramatic difference in our seasons afford us a great variety of produce throughout the year, and no day is the same.”

There is no menu at Gastrologik. They simply allow the producers to decide which ingredients to use. The seasons control the changing produce, and so they adapt and adjust the menu daily.

Instagram: @jacob.gastrologik @bjuhr.anton @gastrologik
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gastrologik/
Restaurant web site: https://gastrologik.se/
Restaurant address: Artillerigatan 14, 114 51 Stockholm, Sweden

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