Antonio Zaccardi

Antonio Zaccardi  - New Candidates 2022
Antonio Zaccardi – New Candidates 2022

Antonio Zaccardi


The story of Antonio Zaccardi is an example of the all-Italian tenacity of provincial kids. Born in the province of Chieti, in the Abruzzo region, without attending cooking school, he decides to leave his province and started working in restaurants to become independent from his parents. He was literally fascinated by this world and at 17 he decided to move to Turin.

From Turin to the winter seasons at a 5-star hotel, his step was short, and he started his journey in luxury food and wine contexts. This is how he got the experience from Carlo Cracco in Milan, where he stayed for almost 2 years until the day when his chef recommends him an experience abroad. When he comes back it’s time for the kitchen of “Piazza Duomo” in Alba, the Ceretto family restaurant led by Enrico Crippa.

It was 2006 and Antonio Zaccardi was only 28 years old and a great desire to grow. Many years later the birthmark is the same. The more mature age will always bring important achievements to Antonio Zaccardi.

“But at the age of 40, I had to ask myself many questions on my growth and it was time for me to move on,”

After 12 years at Piazza Duomo, he announced his heading to Puglia to the region where his wife was born.

“I have chosen Puglia because it is a region that is close to my heart (given that my wife Angelica comes from there. Thanks to her, I have been able to discover many ingredients, their qualities and the incredible variety that exists.”

The cuisine of Pashà, his last adventure

Territoriality and curiosity move the cuisine of Pashà, a range of flavours and a set of instincts. Each dish tells the story of a place, of a flicker.

A pure, honest cuisine, as rooted as it is avant-garde, which celebrates the best local ingredients. The style of Pashà does not betray its origins: it is refined and refined, but it knows how to remain faithful to the flavours of the local gastronomic tradition.

Instagram: @diariozaccardi @ristorantepasha
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: via Morgantini 2, 70014 Conversano BA, Italy

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