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Kirk Westway  - New Candidates 2022
Kirk Westway – New Candidates 2022

Kirk Westway


Kirk Westway was born in Southwest Britain, Executive Chef Kirk Westaway channels a rooted passion for natural flavours, reminiscent of his childhood in England, into signature culinary masterpieces that are distinctively unique.

Drawing from both his English heritage and a strong culinary training under world-renowned chefs, Chef Kirk Westaway is recognised for his mastery in reinventing gastronomic classics that that are well-received, comforting yet refined. Born in South West of the United Kingdom, Chef Kirk successfully redefined JAAN by channelling his rooted passion for natural flavours into honest and exquisite culinary interpretations that speak to the heart, filled with reminiscences of his childhood in England.

Constantly evolving menu embodies a seasonal sensibility to showcase British dining in a modern, refreshing light.

“The first is to always uphold the integrity of the produce and translate the best of each ingredient onto the plate. The second is that food should be comforting and form emotional connections. It is my mission to present our guests with an unforgettable meal that evokes nostalgia through familiar yet elegant flavours of the finest seasonal produce the world has to offer”, shares Chef Kirk.
His constantly evolving menu embodies a seasonal sensibility to showcase British dining in a modern, refreshing light. Using the harmonious interplay of quality ingredients, each one is kept true to nature’s perfection within every dish.

“Reinventing British”

Applying the philosophy of ’Reinventing British’, Executive Chef Kirk Westaway’s constantly evolving menu embodies a seasonal philosophy to showcase British dining in a modern light, through simple but beautiful dishes that reflect both innovation and creativity. From developing his culinary direction and selecting the world’s best gourmet suppliers, to personalising bespoke tableware and curating specially designed furniture, these subtle shifts in the entire dining experience over the last few years have culminated in Executive Chef Kirk Westaway and his team moving towards a stronger emphasis on ‘Reinventing British’.

The intimate 40-seat restaurant has a sophisticated interior that features an elegant private dining room for exclusive events as well as a stunning Murano chandelier that spans the entire length of the restaurant ceiling. JAAN by Kirk Westaway’s dining experience is further enhanced by the breath-taking view of Singapore’s scenic landscape as well as the truly exquisite culinary service experience that have become the hallmark of this multi-award-winning restaurant.

Instagram: @chefkirk_w @jaanbykirk
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: 2 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178882

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