Albert Sastregener

Albert Sastregener  - New Candidates 2022
Albert Sastregener – New Candidates 2022

Albert Sastregener


Since he was a teenager, Sastregener was clear that he wanted to dedicate himself to the hospitality industry, today offering a creative cuisine rooted in the essence of traditional Catalan recipes.

In 2007, Albert Sastregener and Cristina Torrent, who are sentimental partners as well as sharing the same profession, at the ages of 28 and 25 respectively, started a meteoric career which enabled them to obtain a Michelin star within two years of opening their doors. Despite his youth, before opening the Bo.TiC, he had an impressive professional background.

Albert spent seven years training at the School of Catering in Girona, where he was taught by Joan Roca, and then at the Espai Sucre School of Patisserie in Barcelona. At the same time, he worked on the teams of prestigious restaurants, such as L’Àbac, Mas Pau, the Aliança in Anglès and La Cuina de Can Pipes, among others, and he also spent time in other countries.

Finding inspiration from traditional Empordà cuisine

Bo.Tic is found in a restored old flour mill in Corçà, in the region of Baix Empordà. The room is welcoming and comes adorned with an impeccable décor, noted for its art and extraordinary brightness. You can also enjoy a meal on the balcony, with relaxing views of the garden and the surrounding rural landscape.

Albert Sastregener’s gastronomic offer is based on creativity and innovation, finding inspiration from traditional Empordà cuisine. Through a demanding choice of raw ingredients, hard work in the kitchen and a passion for customer service, guest satisfaction is guaranteed. On the celebrated tasting menu, the standout plates include scallops with cream of smoked aubergine and idiazabal ravioli, oxtail with foie gras and baked apples, and the hake in salsa verde, cockles and vegetables.

Be willing, constant, responsible, humble and honest

His kitchen is technically complex, visually careful and thoughtful. Despite the use of local products and its look at traditional recipes, in Bo.TiC there is no shortage of foreign winks and games that appeal to the senses.

“We are not superheroes; you just have to know what you really want to do, be willing, constant, responsible, humble and honest. With all this, success is almost assured”.

Instagram: @albert.sastregener @restaurantbo.tic
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Avinguda Costa Brava, 6, 17121 Corçà, Girona, Spain

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