César Ramirez

César Ramirez – New Candidates 2022

César Ramirez

Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

Chef’s Table Brooklyn Fare’s head chef, César Ramirez has a Mexican origin and was brought up in Chicago. The most interesting thing about him is that despite having the sea of culinary knowledge, he is mostly self-taught even if he has had a great mentor in Chef David Bouley who also was the reason why Chef Ramirez moved to New York, when he was offered a job for him at his former Danube and at Bouley. The Chef worked at praised Tru in Chicago before David Bouley offered him a job in New York.

César Ramirez travelled a lot to France, where he learnt a lot about the French cuisine and cooking techniques during his trips to Europe and he also learnt a lot about the Japanese cuisine during his extensive travelling in Japan. Before he started Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare he worked at Bar Blanc in New York City. All his diversified experiences resulted in what today has become one of the best restaurants in the world when it comes to flavours and how delicious a dinner actually can be when it is only about the taste of the food and nothing else.

Inspired by Japanese cuisine and French technique.

Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare is Brooklyn Fare’s three-Michelin-starred restaurant in the back of our Hudson Yards grocery market. A dining experience featuring the cuisine of Chef César Ramirez. Inspired by Japanese cuisine and French technique, courses change to reflect products in season. their multi-course tasting menu is focused on fish & shellfish, with one or two meat courses and a variety of desserts.

Always tops the list for its extravagant menu and exclusive ambiance when it comes to fine places to eat. In fact, it is considered one of the most exclusive restaurants in NYC.

The Chef thinks that his food speaks for itself, and he does not even like to be called a Chef. He prefers to be called Craftsman just as the Japanese cooks.

Instagram: @chefstableatbf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Chefs-Table-at-Brooklyn-Fare-112011515555190/
Restaurant web site: https://www.brooklynfare.com/chefs-table/
Restaurant address: 431 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018, United States

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