Stefano Baiocco

Stefano Baiocco  - New Candidates 2022
Stefano Baiocco – New Candidates 2022

Stefano Baiocco

Villa Feltrinelli

Stefano Baiocco was born in Ancona, city of central Italy. After he left the hotel school, his curriculum immediately follows a galaxy of international stars. He starts at Enoteca Pinchiorri and is perfected in Paris by the great masters Alain Ducasse and Pierre Gagnaire.

He still travels a lot in Europe and in the world, also passing through Ferran Adrià’s elBulli. In 2001 he returned to Italy, welcomed by Pino Lavarra as sous-chef at the Rosselinis in Ravello. Finally, in 2003, he found his place of peace in Villa Feltrinelli, where today he is experimenting with natural cuisine of the highest level.

The harmony between Stefano and the Villa in his context was born immediately

“As soon as I set foot in the garden, I felt a unique feeling as the gate closed behind me it seems to me to immerse myself in a fairy-tale world. This harmony that has been created with the Villa and with these places means that work becomes, almost a hobby, despite the stress and effort to maintain excellence in everything”.

Uniqueness is the unmistakable signature of chef Stefano Baiocco whose skilful hands and fresh creativity reinterpret traditional flavours using both simple ingredients as well as more complex and sophisticated components.

Flavours that remain in your memory and dishes that fill you with admiration, like true works of art. Cuisine that first and foremost, touches the heart, created with study, quality, and passion.

Understand the sensations of the guest, to be able to touch their thoughts

“What interests me is to understand the sensations of people who come to eat, to understand what they want and what fascinates them; I would like to be able to touch their thoughts because I believe that gastronomy is more in the head than in the belly”.

Stefano’s cuisine follows a very personal inspiration, a constant journey of research undertaken by the chef. Since he arrived in San Giacomo, the hamlet of Gargnano where the Villa is located, Baiocco has been able to concretely begin to follow his desire, for a pure, light, evident cuisine, where aromatic plants, his great passion, could find a role of absolute first floor.

Instagram: @baiocco.s @villafeltrinelli
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Via Rimembranza, 38, 25084 Gargnano BS

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