Josh Niland

Josh Niland - New Candidates 2022
Josh Niland – New Candidates 2022

Josh Niland

Saint Peter

Josh Niland is an Australian chef and restaurateur. Josh and his wife Julie own Saint Peter restaurant and Fish Butchery in Paddington, Sydney. Josh is a pioneer of whole fish cookery, renowned for his nose-to-tail approach to seafood, a master of fish butchery.

Born and raised in Maitland in New South Wales, Josh was diagnosed in youth with a serious illness and during his recovery, he found comfort in food and developed a deep interest in it.

A passion for fish

Niland loves fish. He loves how difficult it is to prepare. He loves that most people find it very hard to cook. He loves that a lot of people have issues eating it, that they are put off by the smell and the texture

Josh Niland set his career in the fishing industry. He became a young chef and seafood expert as he experimented a lot even when he was under bed rest during his school days. Josh was much interested in consuming seafood and always wished to prepare it himself.
His mother did help him financially to buy fish and cooking accessories for his tiny kitchen. He dreamed to become famous in the whole world using his recipes. Josh’s idea was to use those parts of fish that others throw away in the bin or do not cook.

Josh developed fish cutting skills and cooked a variety of fish in different ways

This professionalism allowed him to work in world-renowned restaurants. One of such restaurants is Fat Duck. Josh also worked for many other famous restaurants in the United Kingdom.

“My mission is to bring desirability to the whole fish. It is neglectful, ignorant and plain ridiculous that across the world, over half of fish is tossed in the bin.”

In 2016, Josh started his own restaurant in Paddington, Sydney, as the Saint Peter Restaurant. An Australian fish restaurant celebrating the whole fish cookery. Saint Peter’s mission is to showcase Australian sustainably sourced seafood, prepare it expertly and serve it simply.

Instagram: @mrniland @saintpeterpaddo
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: 362 Oxford St, Paddington, NSW Australia

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