The Best Chef Innovation Award powered by Custom Culinary®

Every year the Best Chef gives out some of their very special awards. This year one of these new awards will be The Best Chef Innovation Award powered by Custom Culinary®. This award goes to the chef who presents new ideas, methods, trends and leads the way for others in the global culinary world.

Innovation in the Modern Kitchen

Creativity and innovation are inherent components of modern cuisine. The cooking process begins with a creative inspiration and ends with an innovative menu. The art of cooking surprises the palates of guests not only with unique flavours, but also with extraordinary visual experiences. Every day chefs develop new products and concepts so that the dishes enjoyed by the guests of their restaurants linger in their memory.

The Best Chef aims to support chefs in researching and creating  new advanced cooking techniques and applying new technologies. However, food safety is high among concerns on the chefs’ priority list and so is the delivery process and maintaining the proper technical rigour in the environment. Therefore, innovation in the world of gastronomy may cover the entire process, starting from cooperation with suppliers.

In this year’s edition of The Best Chef Awards we want to honour the person who demonstrates with his/her attitude an excellent approach to innovation in the culinary world, who is ahead of other chefs with his/her unconventional thinking and creativity. An equally innovative company – Custom Culinary® is behind this exceptional award.

Custom Culinary® – collaborative, connected and progressive — the source of wholesome, authentic flavour systems and solutions.

Custom Culinary® has never wavered from the commitment to providing foodservice professionals with true, real and authentic flavour solutions. Helping customers stay ahead of evolving consumer tastes and needs is at the core of what Custom Culinary® does: turning insights into inspiration.

Celebrating and cultivating passion for food on a daily basis through exploring and discovering the trends that drive consumer behaviour is a key ingredient for supporting customers’ needs to keep menus fresh, appealing, exciting and—most importantly—relevant. In many cases, the story behind the dish is just as important as the food itself. Custom Culinary® has a singular focus: to consistently deliver the most true, real and authentic culinary flavour systems and solutions to discerning culinary professionals, to enable the creation of their own signature dishes. If you would like more information on “Sustainability in Action” at Custom Culinary®, check out their website:

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