The Best Chef Dining Experience Award powered by Ron Matusalem

In fine dining, The Best Chef notices not only the food but first the people and the experience that they offer to their guests in the restaurant. Along these lines, one of the new awards this year is The Best Chef Dining Experience Award powered by Ron Matusalem.

The Best Dining Experience – an exquisite, accurate and elegant service in the dining room

Guests go to a restaurant to have an amazing time and experience. People are different and so are their preferences. But there are several key factors to consider when ensuring the best dining experience for your guests.

Chefs and restaurateurs need to provide high quality food but also a friendly and personalized service. The opportunity to deliver a high end dining experience starts with your hosts and waiters. The atmosphere is another powerful element. An efficient, customer-centric, organized service is an integral part of great restaurant experiences.

The Best Chef Dining Experience Award powered by Ron Matusalem

This Award is dedicated to the chef who provides an outstanding dining experience. Booking a table at a restaurant is not only about enjoying what is on the plate but also about the complete experience that surrounds it. At Ron Matusalem, we believe that gastronomic excellence culminates in excellent table service.

Some important values that distinguish the Best Chef Dining Experience are the attention put to the environment and the arrangement of the tables; the perfect choice and set up of the tableware; the menu´s presentation; the friendliness, professionalism and discretion of the dining room team and the art of finishing the dishes at the table (such as a steak tartare or the flambé of a dessert).

Ron Matusalem – pioneer in the art of good taste

Behind this special award is an equally remarkable company. Ron Matusalem was born 150 years ago in Cuba. It was the most desired rum during Cuba’s Golden Age and an indelible icon of that era. Ron Matusalem believes that elegance is timeless, a legacy that has been passed down from generation to generation. This internationally awarded rum is the pioneer in the pleasure of tasting, expressing and sharing natural good taste.

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