The Best Chef Pristine Award powered by GinRaw

In this edition, three new awards will be presented. One of them is The Best Chef Pristine Award powered by GinRaw. This award is given to a chef celebrated for his or her utmost respect for and use of the highest quality of local produce at a terroir-based restaurant.

Celebrating and selecting noble products, elevating them using the due respect for their properties, without forgetting traditions. Blended with a combination of expert hands, treatments and respect, all to offer the purest culinary experience.

Highest quality of local produce

Its goes without saying that the best fine dining dishes need the best product. Chefs often have a huge choice of suppliers and products. But is it the approach that makes a difference. In the past, restaurant guests expected exoticism, a wide variety of products from far-flung corners of the world, but today there is definitely more focus on sustainability.

Instead of products flown in from the other side of the world, guests want to taste local delicacies at their best. The latest award will go to a chef who knows how to find the best quality products and who supports local entrepreneurs by operating in his terroir-based restaurant.

Respect, authority and pureness

Tradition and experience to contribute to the selection of ingredients, their properties, their values must meet their bliss.

Top quality, premium products that capture the spirit of a region can often be hard to come by. Chefs who take the trouble to find the best solutions are worthy of admiration and recognition. They not only care about the quality of their dishes, but also support the local community and local entrepreneurs.

Awareness and knowledge of the products are fundamental for the treatment of products, our Chef must know when and how to get his hands on them. We talk about respect for the product in order to enhance it, elevate it, go straight to its soul.

Respect, authority, traditions, perfect cuisine, noble ingredients must be reflected in his dishes. The experience we are looking for is the one that aims to be, to offer something pure and sublime.

The Best Chef together with GinRaw would like to honour such an individual this year.

GinRaw – local products, unique process and expert knowledge

GinRaw who is making this special award with The Best Chef is a remarkable company, too. The Best Chef cooperates with companies that represent the highest level of commitment and a special approach to creating products.

 Experts of Gin Raw create a unique distillation process that combines the distillation traditional method that uses copper stills with the latest Rotaval®. techniques for low-temperature distillation They are also reaching out to the Botanical ingredients that capture the essence of Barcelona.

“GINRAW would not have been possible without the effort and talent of four leading experts with different backgrounds, but with one thing in common: all of them love the city of Barcelona and have dedicated their knowledge, effort, and passion to the creation of a unique superior gin.”

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