Madrid – the culinary capital of Europe

You often hear that Madrid is the culinary capital of Europe. Without a doubt, we believe that is true.

The hallmark of this cuisine is sustainability and eco friendly attitude. Let’s stop here for a moment. Madrid has plenty of local vendors and small shops that offer local produce. Seasonality is also important here. The menu in many restaurants is frequently changed, and chefs create them depending on the availability of products from suppliers. This practice deserves an excellent rating. At a time when food is often wasted, other countries should use Madrid as a model. This is also great for the consumer, as the client always eats fresh produce. It is a return to the basics. Our ancestors ate seasonally. It is the best for human health and we were created to eat in this way. Let’s modern habits and return to our roots!

Products with the Madrid Designation of Origin

Madrid is home to products that have obtained the Designation of Origin category. These are associated with high quality and great attention to ingredients.

There are products such as the region’s artisan cheeses, strawberries and asparagus from Aranjuez, products from the Villa del Prado Vegetable Garden, and honey from the Sierra de Madrid mountain ranges. Don’t forget about typical Spanish ham – jamon – and great olive oil. Wine is also a typical product of Madrid. Many of its types are recognizable all over the world. They are very popular wines from Arganda, Navalcarnero, San Martín de Valdeiglesias, as well as El Molar. And what is the most delightful Madrid product for you?

Kilometer zero products

Madrid recognizes that the use of local products is very important for the environment. What produces a lot of pollution? Food transport! Airplanes, ships, trains and other means of transport also produce plenty of emissions. This attitude attracts many companies to Madrid that want to operate in this model, such as K & Co Sustainable Kitchen Bar. “Thanks to its commitment to the FLOSS (Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal, Sustainable) standard, the firm has won various prizes and awards”. This action also has a big impact on restaurants. Restaurant Mo de movimiento is a good example. This is a sustainable restaurant launched in 2020 with a project that has revolutionized the culinary world. The kilometer zero products trend is also very safe for the local population. They do not have to worry about their businesses so much because the city focuses on local, not foreign, brands. Bravo Madrid!

Madrid from the eye of a gourmet

“Michelin starred restaurants, centuries-old establishments, hotels with signature cuisine, gourmet markets, rooftops with panoramic views, sustainable gastronomy, innovative tapas routes, international award-winning cocktail bars, and even its very own gastronomic festival…” What more could you ask for?

The cuisine in Madrid has played a very important role for centuries. Did you know that the city is home to the world’s oldest restaurant, according to Guinness World Records? Restaurant Botin was founded in 1725. Avant-garde mixed with tradition is the true style of the city.

Madrid is any foodie’s dream. There are 21 Michelin-starred restaurants, for example the three-starred DiverXo, which is run by innovative chef David Muñoz (The Best Chef 2021 and 2022 winner),; Smoked Room, run by chef Dani García and located in the hotel Hyatt Regency Hesperia Madrid; Quimbaya, Madrid’s first signature Colombian restaurant, led by chef Edwin Rodríguez; Deessa, by the famous Quique Dacosta; DStage by chef Diego Guerrero; and Coque by chef Mario Sandoval.

What else falls under the magic of the city? Eating outside in the sunshine. This is it! Everything tastes better in narrow, beautiful streets in good weather. “Take note of the most spectacular terraces, like Ginkgo Sky Bar on the 12th floor of the VP Plaza de España hotel, Planta 9 CR7 at the Pestana de Gran Vía hotel, Azotea del Círculo at Círculo de Bellas Artes, the rooftop at Casa Suecia.”

What else has a huge impact on the atmosphere in which food tastes better?

Music! If you like flamenco, be sure to check out Corral de la Morería. If you love live music, don’t forget Wah Madrid! For music lovers, places like restaurant-club Aurora and at Platea will also be amazing. Of course, good food should also be accompanied by delicious drinks. Diego Cabrera’s Bar Salmón Guru is a fantastic place. The Spanish capital is renowned for mixology.

Is that all? Of course not! When you are in Madrid, don’t forget to try some tapas. They are delicious in both fancy restaurants and small bars on the corner. Madrid is a real concert of flavors worth visiting. #seeyouinmadrid

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