Creativity and most Representative Techniques – Eduard Xatruch (Disfrutar) – FMS22

What is real creativity?

This question was answered during the Food Meets Science 2022 conference by a creative specialist – Eduard Xatruch, chef of the Disfrutar restaurant, which is located in Barcelona, Spain. His presentation opened this year’s FMS event and made viewers’ thoughts speed up.

Do you know what the name of the restaurant where our speaker works means? For Spanish speakers, this is no mystery. Disfrutar means to enjoy. We were all happy to learn more about the activities of the entire trio.

Trio? Yes. The gentlemen are a team of three and, as they emphasize, they are long-term friends. At the beginning of the speech, we were able to move to Barcelona for a moment by watching a short video about the restaurant. The Distrufar restaurant is decorated in a Mediterranean style, which is related to the origin of its chefs. During the presentation, it was emphasized many times that tradition is very important. This does not mean, however, that it is not modern here. It is very avant-garde.

What has Covid changed?

During his speech, Eduard mentioned Covid-19. He said that the feeling that accompanied his team was fear. However, they decided to use this feeling and get inspired by it. So what did they serve? They prepared a special vessel from which the smoke was rising, and the visitor could not see what was inside. After putting their hand inside, guests felt something warm with a pleasant texture. What was that? It was cooked prawns. Very simple and very delicious! In his speech, he stressed that people can eat very simple dishes and it can trigger strong emotions. The whole team believes not just in avant-garde, but also in tradition in terms of food. Eduard wanted to convey that even very bad feelings and emotions can be put to good use. We totally agree! In the opinion of our speaker, Covid has also changed a lot in people. Clients started going to restaurants for a purpose other than eating. They come there for emotions.

Disfrutar values

What else is important for the chefs – friends? Creativity and new techniques! He admitted that if something goes wrong and it is distasteful, they give it up and try different things. During his speech, he showed how to prepare light, avant-garde and traditional dishes. They prepared very light pastry. Main ingredients was inulin powder popularly used for the production of ice cream. The delicate dough was used as a base for many dishes. They looked simple and very appetizing.

Eduard believes that if something is delicious, we want to eat a lot of it. This is of course true and it is worth not feeling overeat.

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