How and what the people will eat in the future? – Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz) – FMS22

Our guest Andoni Luis Aduriz firmly believes that people should take their lives into their own hands. Andoni is considered one of the most influential chefs of our time. Throughout his career, he has prioritized both culinary evolution and an interdisciplinary approach. This has allowed him to cross the established borders and become a rebel in the kitchen. The subject of the interview was: “How and what will people eat in the future?”. Have you ever seriously considered this? This is a very interesting topic. People’s diets are changing based on race evolution, but even current trends. Did your great-grandmothers count calories? Did they know what calories are? Certainly not all of them. Do you know when vitamins were discovered? Have you ever wondered what electricity has changed in cooking? How did the invention of the refrigerator affect our diet?

Andoni showed us some interesting pictures during his presentation about how people imagined the future – the future that is now. As you can all guess, things were not as they are today.

Will food ever be replaced by pills? It seems impossible to us, but is it? Let us stop for a moment and consider the development of chemistry. Andoni showed us the features of prehistoric man several times during his presentation. It made a big impact on the audience. This is how far humanity has come. So does impossible actually exist? In his speech, Andoni also mentioned Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America. Each discovery, including a new continent, had an impact on the future, the future of cuisine.

However, we did not just reflect on history. A large part of the lecture was devoted to the present. Until recently, people didn’t know that we could get milk fom anything other than a cow, yet there are many more alternative sources of this product. Now, you can get oat milk, coconut milk, soy milk, and many other varieties of plant-based milk on store shelves. Another example of the current big change is Zero Egg, which is egg suitable for vegetarians. The list goes on. In fact, you can find a vegetarian or gluten-free alternative to everything in our diet.

As a summary of his lecture, Andoni mentioned the book “Fooduristic. The 50 people who are leading the future of food” and talked about the hard times we live in. He asked us to reflect on climate change and how many species of animals and plants have recently disappeared from the face of the earth. “In this way, we are losing our inheritance.” he said. Andoni pressed on to seriously consider how we are responsible for the situation. According to our guest, we shouldn’t think about what the people of the future will eat but whether they will have anything to eat at all. Andoni’s lecture left us with this difficult but important thought. Do you also get the creeps when you think about it?

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