The Pastry Scene in the next years – Antonio Bachour (Bachour Coral Gables) – FMS22

The last Food Meets Science guest this year was Antonio Bachour. Antonio Bachour grew up in Puerto Rico and was hooked on pastry from a young age, thanks to spending his childhood in his family’s bakery. Bachour’s hyper-creative desserts have been featured in numerous pastry publications, such as So Good Magazine, Dulcypas, Saber y Sabor (Spain), Starchefs (The Architecture of New York), Gourmet Magazine, Dessert Professional, Pastry Art & Design, National Culinary Review (Magazine of the American Culinary Federation). He told us about the changes he had noticed in confectionery in the past 20 years. Antonio emphasizes that he is always changing a lot in his cakes – the ingredients, improving their quality, and wanting to make his confectionery healthier. The only thing Antonio believes should not be changed is technique. “If something is really good, don’t change it,” he said.

Antonio introduces himself to us as a true dessert lover. He claims that it is his greatest pleasure in life. During his presentation, we have the opportunity to watch a video of his cafe and how the team works. During his presentation, Antonio gave a sweet cooking show. For him, it is very important to create light desserts. He thinks that many desserts are so hard to digest that people get fed up after one bite. That’s not the point in this business!

During the talk, we received a lot of valuable advice. Antonio talked about the optimal temperature for the production of sweets. The master was not mysterious! There was a lot to learn.

Antonio prepared two desserts – his signature creamy desserts which included chocolate cream and raspberry cream, his favorite flavor combination, and an awesome tart. One of the desserts was decorated with fresh raspberries. Antonio is a fan of using fresh fruit in desserts. They give them lightness and freshness. “Colors and aesthetics are also very important. The first impression is the most important. People eat with their eyes,” he said. The dessert presented during the show was also sprinkled with chocolate and covered with raspberry sorbet. Antonio pays great attention to details in his work. The cute little tart was decorated in a similar way as the previously mentioned dessert.

It is often said that a feast is incomplete without dessert. Antonio Bachour was an excellent finale to the Food Meets Science 2022 event. Thank you for the feeling of satisfaction after the feast of knowledge we received at the Goya Theater.

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