João Oliveira

João Oliveira – New Candidates 2023

João Oliveira


João Oliveira, 32 years old, graduated in 2006 as Technician of Culinary from Escola Profissional Infante D. Henrique in Porto. Since then, he has worked in the main gastronomic references of Portugal, such as Largo do Paço restaurant in Amarante, awarded with one Michelin star, as Sous-Chef at the Yeatman Hotel in Porto, also with one Michelin star, as well as at Hotel Vila Joya, awarded with two Michelin stars.

João Oliveira is one of the best known chefs in Portugal. Before turning to cooking, Oliveira played football in Valongo, the city where he was born, but an injury made him go from player to referee. But the recipes took over his life.

In 2015. João Oliveira took over VISTA´s leadership.

Total freedom, green light for a project tailored to him and the only possible answer: “Yes”. A restaurant at the Bela Vista Hotel, located on the beautiful cliffs of Praia da Rocha, in Portimão.

“My inspiration comes from the product itself. Seasonality and freshness is the most important thing to my inspiration, I have the privilege of working every day with the best local ingredients, especially those that come from the sea”

Menu inspired by national and Mediterranean cuisine, with respect for the original flavors and the freshness of the ingredients. Highlight for the fish on their coast, not forgetting about the values of sustainability.

Since 2018, he has implemented a movement governed by the sustainability of the ingredients used, from its creation to its gathering, which he called “sustainable Portugal”. It consists of a carbs- and gluten-free menu, showing respect for the flavours and producers, with 95 % of ingredients of Portuguese origin, in a perfect symbiosis between land and sea.

Instagram: @cheff_joaooliveira @vistarestaurante
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Av. Tomás Cabreira 1, 8500-510 Portimão, Portugal

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