Maksut Aşkar

Maksut Aşkar – New Candidates 2023

Maksut Aşkar


Chef owner of the restaurant ‘Neolokal’ located in Salt Galata Museum in Istanbul. With modern takes on Anatolian Cuisine, Maksut Askar cooks deeply into the heart of guests who experience “Neolokal” with refined family cooking of not only Maksut’s childhood and emotions but also the root and traditions within this very geography, which he believes is the real Anatolian Cuisine.

We consider ourselves timeless. This gives us the opportunity to constantly renew ourselves as we continue our path and learn from our past which is our roots.

 “We believe that those who do not take care of and preserve their traditions can not have a future. To guarantee the future of our economy, We are very pleased to be able to provide you with the opportunity to share your feelings with our customers. This is what we are doing in a very humble manner. We learned to taste from our traditions and through our traditions. If our traditions are disappearing one by one due to today’s conditions, we believe our future will also disappear if we do not do anything. Within this frame, we have to define our traditions to suit today’s conditions and convey them to future generations in the correct language. Your taste perception defines your borders. You can not go any further. Even if you go further the things that you create become something different. It is not your tradition.”

Protecting our food for the next generations to come

The Neolokal team aims to serve our guests genuine food inspired by mother earth. They examine traditional recipes to the finest of details blending in any endangered foods of our heritage. Chef Maksut Aşkar leads his young and curious team with the understanding that they must protect our food for the next generations to come. By combining modern techniques with innovative perspectives, a new and refined approach to local cuisine is gained.

Instagram: @maksutaskar @neolokal
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: SALT Galata, Bankalar Avenue Karaköy 34420 İstanbul, Turkey

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