Supaksorn Jongsiri

Supaksorn Jongsiri – New Candidates 2023

Supaksorn Jongsiri


Born in Bangkok and raised in Nakhon Si Thammarat, developed his passion for cooking as a young boy.

His grandmother was the one who taught him how to cook traditional-style Southern Thai dishes, and it was she who inspired him to pursue a career in the kitchen. His grandmother actually founded the original Baan Ice restaurant in Nonthaburi, which was named after Chef Ice, her oldest grandson.

Deep in Southern Thai-style cuisine.

While Supaksorn Jongsiri was studying in the United States, he worked part-time in a Thai restaurant as a line cook. When he returned to Thailand, after finishing his studies, his grandma retired and gave him the restaurant that bore his name. Today, both Baan Ice restaurants, and Sorn restaurant – which offers a more refined dining experience – specialize in Southern Thai-style cuisine. Despite never having had any professional training in the culinary arts, over the years Chef Ice built a solid fan base in Thailand, and Sorn, within the first year of its opening, is so successful that it’s increasingly challenging for customers to reserve a table.

The Chef Ice philosophy

“My philosophy is you got to remember what you’re cooking for, just go back in time, and think of the first time you cook when it was not for fame or money, not accolades, you cook for love. You cook for someone you love, when I think about when I cook for my grandma and family, and not for money, I just want to see the people I love happy. So, it took a long time ago, but I still always remember the feeling, all that dedication, not for any wow factor, just cooking.”

Instagram: @ice_supaksorn @sornfinesouthern
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Sorn, 56, Sukhumvit 26 Soi Ari, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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