Claude Bosi

Claude Bosi – New Candidates 2023

Claude Bosi


Growing up in central Lyon meant there were plenty of good restaurants for Claude to choose from, but it was his parents’ bistro that gave him his first taste of cooking.

Bibendum experience

Captivating stained glass windows boast a beautiful setting to arguably one of the most attractive dining rooms there is. Claude Bosi’s cuisine is reassuringly simple, allowing ingredients to be highlighted by their own seasonal qualities. He runs an immaculately presented kitchen, which provides a fascinating backdrop to the guests’ dining experience.

“I was practically born in the kitchen. I grew up in France, in Lyon, surrounded by vineyards, markets and my parents’ bistro. In an environment like that, it’s hard to resist. My mother infected me with her enthusiasm: I was determined to be a chef!”

Moved to Paris at the earliest opportunity and studiously trained at Le Chiberta and L’Arpège under Alain Passard. After a final stint at Alain Ducasse in Paris, he moved to the UK in 1998 and, lucky for us, never returned home. Moving to the UK gave him a unique perspective when it came to opening his first own restaurant, Hibiscus, which he describes as a “childhood dream”.

In October 2016, Claude closed Hibiscus and moved on to Bibendum, a beautiful airy restaurant housed in the old Michelin headquarters in central London.

Instagram: @claudebosi1 @claudebosiatbibendum
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Michelin House, 81 Fulham Road, London UK

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