Tomoya Kawada

Tomoya Kawada – New Candidates 2023

Tomoya Kawada


Chef Tomoya Kawada, born in Tochigi Prefecture (Japan), cooks Chinese cuisine infused with a Japanese sensibility, rooted in the two countries and sharing a culture of tea drinking and pairing.

Innovating Chinese Cuisine with the Japanese Spirit

Blending traditional Chinese cooking with Japanese techniques, he’s gaining fame worldwide with a new Chinese cuisine that epitomizes “Japanese spirit, Chinese learning.”

In order to serve customers dishes at the best possible moment, the staff rush about the kitchen, never wasting even a single minute or second. It was inspired by a meal by a master chef that changed Kawada’s life. We follow this passionate man for summer as he takes on a challenge, tirelessly trying new experiments and pursuing cuisine with wholehearted honesty.

“Every time I travel to China and encounter perfectly prepared traditional dishes, I feel its purity, depth, and clear taste.”

“I believe the essence of Chinese cuisine is where you can make the most of the ingredients’ taste – through skillful cooking and seasoning.

For this reason, it is most important to know the nature of the ingredients.

In China, ingredients from Guangdong to Sichuan are used to make the best dishes there. To make the best Chinese dish in Japan it makes sense to gather ingredients in Japan.

Japan is blessed with four seasons and with it an abundance of fresh and delicious ingredients. At Sazenka, I believe I am cooking a unique style, an overlap of the essence of Japanese and Chinese food. With this, I hope to bring the essence of Chinese cuisine a little closer.”

“In ancient Japan, there was a period when the frequent cultural exchange between Japan and mainland China. During this period, Japan had no basic foundation of education. It was developed through academic research of mainland China by our ancestors.

At Sazenka we strive to embody “kokoro”, as modern cuisine, Japanese cuisine, and Chinese cuisine find harmony together. “

Chef Kawada draws on his years of experience to bring out delicious bold flavors using seasonal Japanese ingredients from throughout Japan. “We wish to communicate traditional Chinese cuisine to Japan and the world.”

The ultimate view of the world is created when we are face-to-face with each other. It is not a one-way line from host to guest, but a beautiful balance of mutual integrity that flows like air, ever so harmonious.

Instagram: @sazenka
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: 106-0047 Tokyo, Japan 4-7-5 Minami Azabu

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