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Willem Hiele

Restaurant Willem Hiele

Willem Hiele grew up in both Ostend and Koksijde in a family of fishermen. As a passionate surfer, he explored the most beautiful seaside spots in the world. Everything he does and makes is in a way connected to the sea.

“We live and cook in harmony with the rhythm of the seasons. Nature writes our menu”.

Based on his education as a baker and pastry chef, Willem Hiele has developed his own style into the terroir cuisine he is known for today: both complex and simple at the same time.

In 2015 Willem Hiele transforms the old fisherman’s house from 1832 of his ancestors -up to seven generations back- into a gastronomic restaurant in Koksijde, organizing guest tables at this inspiring place.

In 2022, the start of the new restaurant Willem Hiele in an architectural building, a brutalist gem from 1971.

Restaurant Willem Hiele is located in an architectural building in the historic polders of The Keignaert, a nature reserve with meadows, creeks, and fields close to the bustling city of Ostend.

Along a lane lined with pollards, you come across an architectural gem that seems to be discreetly hidden in the landscape, this brutalist building is slowly revealing its charms. What once was a residential house, designed by the Belgian artist/architect Jacques Moeschal, is today a gastronomic experience restaurant with guest rooms.

“Here, we cook to the rhythm of the sea, inspired by the unpredictability of nature, the individuality of the region, and the rich offerings of local farmers and fishermen.”

Instagram: @willemhiele @restaurantwillemhiele
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/restaurantWillemHiele
Restaurant web site: https://restaurant.willemhiele.be/en
Restaurant address: Kapittelstraat 718460 Oostende, Belgia

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