Guillaume Galliot

Guillaume Galliot – New Candidates 2023

Guillaume Galliot


A free-spirited and curious man, Guillaume Galliot began his apprenticeship in the restaurant business at the age of 15.

Born in the town of Chambray-Les-Tours in the Loire Valley, Galliot found his passion, and wanderlust, quite young. Working under the twin brothers Chef Jacques and Laurent Pourcel at the awarded restaurant Jardin des Sens, Galliot expanded on his culinary school training, sharpening his skills while coming under the influence of the lighter touch of the Mediterranean. 

While there, he worked for a time in pastry, an experience that left him with an appreciation of the precision of the pastry arts, and a deeper understanding of how dessert unifies with a full dégustation menu.

“I believe in finding prestige in even the most humble ingredients, transforming them into unforgettable dishes.”

No one would question that Guillaume Galliot is a French chef of the highest caliber of gastronomic tradition. If his expertise lies in his classical French technique, his talent is found among the myriad flavors brought in perfect harmony on each plate. At Caprice in Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, Galliot brings his vision of French cuisine: flavors of France dancing in unison with the tastes of the world.

“Gastronomy is about emotion. It’s that moment when you take a bite and realize that it all works well together – that’s a great feeling.”

Made with attention to detail and in the right combination of Chinese-style furniture, Caprice combines the natural charm of noble materials with the vibrant tones of the city. Like the megalopolis that houses it, the restaurant deploys top-notch cosmopolitan cuisine, with finesse and balance. Like Hong Kong, which literally means “port of scents”, the menu selection praises nature in full majesty, stretching with splendor its diversity and its riches.

Led by the desire to make Caprice the go-to address of all epicureans (Chinese and international) in search of something unique, chef Guillaume Galliot has imagined a cuisine with worldwide and universal flavors, marked by French know-how and a very particular affection for Asian terroirs.

Instagram: @guillaumegalliot @capricehongkong
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: 6F, Central Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong, China

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