Stefan Heilenmann

Stefan Heilemann – New Candidates 2023

Stefan Heilemann


Born in Germany, he went through the high school of cooking legend Harald Wohlfahrt in Traube Tonbach. After completing his cooking apprenticeship, he decided to stay and continue learning. First as chef de partie in the Köhlerstube restaurant, Then, in 2007, Harald Wohlfahrt brought him to the awarded restaurant Schwarzwaldstube, where he cooked at the highest level as Chef Tournant.

Throughout his career, Heilemann’s very own style of cooking crystallized: based on the principles of classic Wohlfahrt cuisine, he incorporated the impressions he had gathered on his travels. Stefan is known for his unique style of cooking: the combination of the highest product quality, excellent cooking craftsmanship, a willingness to experiment, and his characteristic hint of “acidity” open up new worlds of taste and turn a meal into an unforgettable gourmet adventure.

“Cooking is not only a passion but also a way of life.”

After almost 10 exciting, intensive, and instructive years in the Traube Tonbach, Heilemann moved further south. He was looking for new impulses to further develop his creative intuition. He found this with Rolf Fliegauf, who is more attached to avant-garde and modernist cuisine. In the Giardino Ascona, he assisted Rolf Fliegauf from 2012 as sous chef in Ecco Ascona. In the years that followed, Fliegauf changed more and more from mentor to collaborator, and in 2015 Stefan Heilemann had the opportunity to take over the kitchen of the newly opened Ecco Zurich.

Since June 2020, Stefan Heilemann has been welcoming you to the Widder Restaurant in the city of Zurich combining the history of the city of Zurich, elegant design, and cuisine at the highest level.

The Widder Restaurant is the heart of the Widder Hotel in Zurich and skilfully combines the history of the city with the modern flair, which is presented through design and culinary delights.

Thanks to the open kitchen, we are closer to the guests. The combination of classic and contemporary design is entirely in line with our spirit. Here, in the Widder Restaurant we can perfectly unfold.”

I live a classic cuisine, but with modern techniques and ways of preparation. I take the guest on a culinary trip around the world, especially focused on Asia, i.e. Thailand. But it’s important to me that a Thai dish is authentic.

My dishes are acidic: the symbiosis of acidity of the yuzu fruit or the jus of a salted lemon give my dishes my culinary signature.”

Instagram: @sheilemann @widderrestaurantzurich
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Rennweg 7 CH-8001 Zürich, Switzerland

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