Lukas Nagl

Lukas Nagl – New Candidates 2023

Lukas Nagl


The 35-year-old native of Upper Austria is the proud father of three children and lives with his young family in the Salzkammergut area. International positions and top addresses such as the „Steirereck“ in Vienna characterize his work.

For the past 12 years Lukas Nagl has been leading the kitchen teams of the Traunseehotels and his name stands for the „Bootshaus“ restaurant. As a result, Traunkirchen has developed into one of the top addresses in Austria’s gourmet scene in recent years. Lukas Nagl himself is a member of the JRE (Jeunes Restaurateurs Europe), an association of top European chefs.

At the „Bootshaus“, the region is put on your plate: genuine and uncomplicated. Executive chef Lukas Nagl and his team respond daily to what nature has to offer and incorporate both regional and international elements into their dishes. A cosmopolitan outlook is one of the key points apart from freedom and creativity in the culinary world: 

“Because something new can only emerge if you are open to new things“.

Regional and fresh products get their well-deserved stage in the „Bootshaus“ restaurant and all of them are equally important, whether fish, meat, vegetables, or fruit. It is not just about good food. It is about adding value and appreciating the seasons, always with the overriding goal of sustainability. From the farmer, to the supplier, to the chef, to the guest: quality at the „Bootshaus“ does not just begin at the plate.

His cuisine combines a cosmopolitan attitude with regionality to create new and unforgettable dishes. He tries to implement international ideas regionally. 

Changing values (Im Wandel der Werte). 

Together with his team, executive chef Lukas Nagl manages to combine local tradition and the best products with creative lightness in a cuisine always focused on taste. Not only is the Salzkammergut home to Nagl, but it is also the inspiration for his dishes. These are easy to understand, simple, and reduced to the essentials, but should still taste refined.

Beauty lies in simplicity. 

The „Bootshaus“ team strives to develop with its guests. Without frills and allures, uncompromisingly regional and open-minded. Regional products from organic farmers are combined with ideas, memories, and flavours from all over the world to create a new Austrian cuisine with a traditional approach. For Lukas Nagl, this means integrating global aspects to develop something new and individual.

Instagram: @nagllukas @bootshaustraunkirchen
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Klosterplatz. 4, 4801 Traunkirchen, Austria

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