Pedro Sánchez

Pedro Sánchez – New Candidates 2023

Pedro Sánchez


Pedro Sánchez Jaén began, on September 15, his solo career after sixteen years in charge of the kitchen at Casa Antonio Restaurant, having previously passed through famous kitchens such as those of the Relais Chateau Chateau de Bagnols (France), Martín Berasategui (Lasarte) or Tragabuches de Dani Garcia (Ronda).

Simple but intense in flavors and textures

Pedro loves his land above all else and always wanted to place Jaén and its cuisine on the national gastronomic map, something he has achieved with effort and affection. Today in his new and risky project he continues to work hard to show everything that a cook is capable of giving when working in the space he always dreamed of.

Pedro’s cuisine is simple but intense in flavors and textures carrying standard dishes as personal as the shrimps of Motril with pickled partridge, the kidneys of choto with caviar, the beef tartare with smoked eel or the custard of coconut, honey, and truffle.

Bagá is today the dream of a humble cook come true.

Discover something new with every visit. The kitchen is in constant motion, like our orchards and local markets, something that serves as motivation and as a perfect excuse for each experience when visiting our house to be different.

A tasting menu full of dynamism that every week incorporates new elaborations, unique and, sometimes, peculiar that attract the attention of our most restless customers, something that amuses us a lot and makes us constantly alert. Bagá is not a restaurant to use, our space follows the guidelines of a typical French bistro: a bar with four stools, direct contact with the kitchen, and only three tables, with a maximum capacity of 15 diners.

In Bagá, from any point in our room, you can see what our children are bringing in their hands inside the kitchen.

Instagram: @sanchez_jaen @bagajaen
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: C. Reja de la Capilla, 3, 23001 Jaén, Spain

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