Clemens Rambichler

Clemens Rambichler – New Candidates 2023

Clemens Rambichler

Waldhotel Sonnora

Born and raised in Bad Reichenhall in 1988, Clemens Rambichler is one of the most prominent figures in the German gastronomic scene.

Rambichler’s cuisine is made up of an unmistakable play of aromas. The highest quality of products, harmonious combinations, and artisanal precision has the highest priority for this exceptional chef.

One of the most prominent figures in the German gastronomic scene.

Clemens takes his first steps in the kitchen at the Hotel Intercontinental Resort Berchtesgaden, now known as Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden. After this experience, from 2006 to 2009, he becomes part of the team of Restaurant 360°.

In 2011 he arrives in the kitchens of the Sonnora restaurant in Dreis alongside the awarded chef Helmut Thieltges. Working alongside him for several years in the role of sous chef. This meeting will be a crucial experience for the future of the young Rambichler.

Thieltges in fact will take him under his wings, passing him all his secrets of haute cuisine. Clemens was a good student, and later – became a master. When sadly in August 2017 Helmut dies suddenly, Clemens becomes the natural heir of his kitchen and takes his place becoming the chef at the helm of Sonnora.

Clemens Rambichler keeps the Sonnora sign high in memory of his master, achieving important awards over the years.

Waldhotel Sonnora is a restaurant hotel in Germany less than an hour’s drive from Luxembourg, built in 1978. The atmosphere and style of the dining room feel French and the cuisine is mostly dedicated to the French classic even if you now and then can have a dish with a significantly more modern touch. 

The technical level of his dishes is sky-high and the balance of each ingredient’s flavor is as perfect as it can possibly be. It is a privilege for everyone to be able to have such amazing cuisine.

Instagram: @clemensrambichler @waldhotel_sonnora
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: 1 Auf dem Eichelfeld, 54518 Dreis, Germany

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