Hrvoje Kroflin

Hrvoje Kroflin – New Candidates 2023

Hrvoje Kroflin


Born and raised in Croatia, Hrvoje Kroflin’s story began in the Zagreb restaurant Mano, where he found himself in responsible positions and roles at a very young age, and by continuing to Mano2, he raised his gastronomic scale extremely high. What makes Hrvoje stand out at first glance is his immense modesty and dedication, but also his professional perfectionism.

“Culinary has always been something I wanted to pursue, it’s been my love since I was little. I took my first steps in my mother’s kitchen, who is also a very good amateur cook and nurtures tradition and transfers knowledge from the elders in the family to me. Even today, I come for advice when it gets a little stuck”.

Modern dishes, finding inspiration in heritage recipes from the Croatian tradition

Opened in 2012, ManO2 restaurant is situated in the business heart of Zagreb. The restaurant’s culinary identity rests on the creative ideas of its Chef Hrvoje Kroflin, who takes a modern approach to food, uncompromisingly insisting on high quality and boldly creating his concept in close cooperation with small domestic producers. He often finds inspiration in quite forgotten dishes of traditional Croatian cuisine, striving to reform and modernize them.

The cozy and very warm interior of the restaurant is accentuated by the wooden sloped ceiling with rounded edges, the wooden floor, and the semi-open kitchen in glass, which overlooks the lavish wine rack with a steel net. The entire scene epitomizes harmony and symbiosis of living space and culinary vision.

“I can hardly describe my cooking style because it all depends on what stage I’m at, but what never changes is the French technique. When I look at my style of cooking fifteen years ago and today, these are two different worlds. As I become more experienced and mature, so do my skills and style. You learn in the kitchen while you’re alive and you can reach the pinnacle”.

Instagram: @h_kroflin @restaurant_mano2
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Radnička cesta 50, Zagreb 10000, Croatia

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