Matias Perdomo

Matias Perdomo – New Candidates 2023

Matias Perdomo


Matias was born in Uruguay and spent his childhood with a suitcase in his hand between Argentina, Brazil, and Denmark. He returned home as a teenager.

His rebellious character emerges immediately when he decides at the age of 14 to leave his studies and devote himself to more manual activities. He works as a carpenter in his uncle’s company and in his spare time, he attends cooking classes. Thus a great passion is born out of nothing, with the ultimate goal of working in the only 5-star hotel in his country.

Young and with little experience, the goal is impossible to reach. So, after working in an Italian restaurant chain in Montevideo, he sets aside some money and arrives in Italy, at the Milanese restaurant “Al pont de fer”, which specializes in traditional cuisine. In the 5 years he spent there, however, he revolutionized the menu, obtaining important awards.

It was the year 2014 when he inaugurated his first restaurant, Contraste, in Milan. 

Uruguayan origins, chef Matias Perdomo has conquered Milan with his innovative cuisine.

In ancient osterias, they never had a long menu list for choosing what to eat. Instead, The host used to listen to you, give you a proposal with different dishes and be next to you – taking care of you during the whole dinner. In Contraste, it happens just the same: their menu is the meeting between you and the kitchen. But keep in mind that here you are not in an ancient osteria and nothing is what it seems.

“In every approach, in which you feel the aromas, in which you are surprised, we learn to know each other a little more.”

A white, unclothed table in an empty space. All good stories are born from silence.

Contraste is a place that belongs to a hidden city. You do not expect to have to ring that bell, open the iron door, go through the little garden, and finally enter the dining room of an ancient Milanese house that is protected from the city’s noises. In this blank space, there is a white table waiting for you. Then, gradually, everything starts arriving, the silverware, glasses, plates, and a flexible dinner that you must watch, smell, touch, and taste.

Instagram: @mpchef @contrastemilano_
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Via Giuseppe Meda, 2, 20136 Milano MI, Italy

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