Esben Holmboe Bang

Esben Holmboe Bang – New Candidates 2023

Esben Holmboe Bang


Born and raised in Copenhagen to a family who placed great emphasis on sustainability and agriculture, and take from nature much of the inspiration.

After several experiences made in Danish kitchens, Esben Holmboe Bang moved in 2001 to Oslo, Norway. Nine years later in the same city began his adventure as chef and co-owner of the Maaemo restaurant, a great choice as after only a few months, several awards were be recognized.

Esben’s focus is on not diluting the natural flavour and quality of the raw ingredients. His playful tasting menu takes Norwegian food back to its bare essentials before recomposing it in an entirely new narrative.

“We opened Maaemo to have something that we felt was the right way to let Norwegian nature shine through on the plate”.

The Norwegian terroir is a relatively unknown treasure of the international culinary world, but it is something that Esben Holmboe Bang, the Danish head chef and co-owner of Norway’s ground-breaking Restaurant Maaemo, is passionate about exploring. Esben’s cuisine is focused on creating an experience around the clean, bright flavours of Norway, using entirely organic, biodynamic, or wild produce.

Focused on natural flavour and quality of the raw ingredients .

Much of the inspiration driving chef Esben’s Maaemo restaurant comes from nature, with a focus on bringing out the natural flavour and quality of the raw ingredients he works with. It is this bold style of cooking that won the young chef a legion of fans, and an enviable stream of global recognition.

A meal at Maaemo will transport guests on a breathtaking culinary tour of Norway that sees them travel from the temperate climes of the southerly Hvaler islands to the cold pristine waters of Norway’s West Coast and onto the expansive inland wilderness of Røros, as the tastes of Norway are brought to life on the plate.

Instagram: @maaemo
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Dronning Eufemias Gate 23, Oslo, Norway

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