Junghyun Park

Junghyun Park – New Candidates 2023

Junghyun Park


Chef Junghyun Park has his roots in Seoul, where he was born and raised. After earning a degree in food science at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea, Junghyun Park took off far and wide. 

He began his globetrotting odyssey in Finland, on a chance exchange program, and then took a deep dive into European food culture. Park eventually traveled to more than 30 countries.

He began working in world-renowned kitchens alongside notable chefs such as Andrew McConnell in Melbourne, Australia (Cutler & Co., Cumulus Inc.) and Brett Graham in London, England (The Ledbury). During this personal reexamination of Korean cuisine, he was introduced to the idea of “New Korean cuisine” under the mentorship of chef Jungsik Yim of Jungsik Dang in Seoul. Soon after, he moved to New York City to become the Chef de Cuisine at Jungsik in Tribeca.

The perfect balance – seasonal and local.

His philosophy is to cook delicious food, using balance as a main concept, whether it’s a balance in flavor, texture, color, cultural roots, new or old. His favorite balance when it comes to food is the rising relevance and popularity of seasonality and local ingredients combined with the predominance of fermented, preserved, and dried ingredients which he was used to while growing up in Korea.

New Korean Cuisine.

Ato, stemming from the ancient Korean word for ‘gift,’ is the innovative cuisine that the husband and wife team (Chef Junghyun and manager Ellia Park) hopes to deliver to the world using New York City as their stage.

Atomix, a follow-up to their well-loved firstborn Atoboy, is a place where guests can really dive deep into Chef Park’s cuisine through a tasting menu that is inspired by Korean traditions and techniques. Today Junghyun ‘JP’ Park is the owner and executive chef of Atoboy and Atomix in New York City.

Instagram: @jparkato @atomixnyc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atomixnyc/
Restaurant web site: https://www.atomixnyc.com/
Restaurant address: 104 E 30th St., New York, NY, United States, New York

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