Alexandros Tsiotinis

Alexandros Tsiotinis – New Candidates 2023

Alexandros Tsiotinis


Alexandros Tsiotinis, chef and owner of CTC, was born and raised in Athens. His love for gastronomy led him to the Palmier Academy. In parallel with his studies, he also studied in the kitchen of Hytra restaurant. His professional career begins at a very young age in some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world alongside huge figures of world gastronomy.

He worked as a cook at awarded restaurants such as Epicure, Arpége, Astrance, next to his great masters: Alain Passard, Helenne Darroze, Eric Frechon and Pascal Barbot, as Alexander respectfully characterizes them, acquired love for the raw material, passion for perfection and enthusiasm with the creativity that can express cooking.

Returning to Greece in 2010, he took over Perivoli restaurant in Santorini and then served as Executive Chef of Elounda Peninsula Hotel in Crete. 

However, 2015 is perhaps his most important year as his “first child” is created.

CTC, a restaurant that overturns all the data of the Greek gastronomic scene until then. It has no menu and invites guests to leave themselves in the hands of the chef and simply tell him if they want to try 3 – 6 or 9 dishes. 

Alexandros likes to liken cooking to painting. As a lover of colors, he parallels an empty dish with a white canvas, which he expects to be filled with genius and creativity.

The chef aims with his creations to “invite” his guests, as he prefers to call his CTC customers, on a culinary journey where aromas, textures, and flavors alternate harmoniously and shamelessly.

At CTC the kitchen gathers and expresses strong values: generosity, appetite for sharing, tolerance, and openness to the world. Lively, multiple, creative, and modern: at CTC the kitchen is a constantly evolving model, a real bond between the chefs of the world.

Instagram: @alextsiotinis @ctcresto
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: 15, Plataion, Keramikos, Athens 104 35, Greece

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