Guido Braeken

Guido Braeken – New Candidates 2023

Guido Braeken

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Chef Guido Breaken started working in professional kitchens in 2004. In recent years, he gained experience in the kitchen of De’n Dillegaard, de Leuf in Ubachsberg, La Source in Belgium, and as the kitchen chef at Beluga Loves You in Maastricht.

With this impressive track record, he started as the Chef of Julemont in April 2021. Only one year after Guido started working at Julemont, the restaurant was awarded a remarkable achievement.

Balance in the flavors and using only the very best products are the key.

At restaurant Julemont, chef Guido Braeken presents a menu that emphasizes the characteristics of the Château environment: intimate, luxurious, and a combination of the best from the past with the best of today. Classic French cuisine forms the basis, but dishes are presented in a modern and highly refined way.

Julemont, a fine dining restaurant located inside Château Wittem.

“Once you are driving through the fields of green, you can feel yourself slowing down from the rush of life. When you enter our estate, the air begins to change. The gardens and the stream surrounding the Château will immerse you in serenity. You have reached a destination where you enter a world of elegance and relaxation. And just for the time being, you can forget the time.”

Restaurant Julemont is named after the knight ‘Winand of Julemont’, who bought the Château in 1220 from Saint Jacob Abbey in Liège, Belgium. The family weapon of Julemont can still be seen in the glass-stained window above the entrance of the Château. Julemont expanded the castle with a tower, which creates the backdrop for the fine dining experience that is restaurant Julemont today. An homage to the rich history of this beautiful Château.

Instagram: @guidobraeken @restaurant_julemont
Restaurant web site:
Restaurant address: Wittemer Allee 3, Wittem, Netherlands

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